Thursday, October 21, 2010


Another round of mods on the 8. Working on the tools gave me the chance to dislike the cargo rack mounted on the rear hull. So, off with the kit part.

This is of course what the kit provides. Adequate, if a person is going to bury it in gear.

Out came the sheet plastic, and scratchbuilding commenced.

The hinges were cut from a spare rack, then sanded down to thin them. Spare PE fret gave the outside shelf  edge.
Other bits were sourced from the spares box. The kit tool holder under the rack was used, after modifications. It was cut apart, rods drilled for stretched sprue add ins to represent the attachment points. Spare PE was used to enhance the mounts. And we end up with this.

More to come I'm sure. Maybe one of these days this Sherman will actually see some final weathering.

Thanks for looking in.