Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Build

Can't believe it's already the end of October. I've got to apologize for the absence here on site. It's really been a hectic summer at the shop, and in life. But with the year coming to an end, and folks start looking for things to fix other than their cars and trucks it might start to slow down a bit.
With the slow down comes a chance to catch up on builds, and start a new one.
This time around it's another Opel, the Maultier. There's two of these in the stash, this one being the regular cargo version. The other is a gun truck.
Not really sure which direction this will be going yet. The mods to the 'ol Italeri kit will be many, as per usual. This will have an open engine bay. Maybe a tarp cover on the cargo bed instead of being open. I just don't know yet, but it will be fun... I really enjoy these trucks.
Updates will come as fast as I can manage them. Both with this build, and the Panther which still needs paint, and the Katyusha, and, and, and...
Thanks for looking in again, hope to see ya soon. Drop a comment if you want to, it's always appreciated.


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Przemo Mrożek said...


Go on with that :) Maybe put crane on cargo box.