Friday, December 10, 2010

Sd. Kfz. 171 Panther A Early

Since the Sherman build is kinda stalled right now. Still no cure for the "mind block" on it yet. This old Dragon kit came out and was fired up.
Now, even being an older kit, I think it's been in the "stash" for about 4 years or so, it's still quite nicely detailed. Even so, it needs some minor altering.

This is a current build. With quite a bit of research needed on my part due to the fact that Panthers are not really a strong topic for me. I did want to build this without the Zimmerit coating on the hull, and with a three tone camouflage. After asking a few friends and actually finding a couple pictures I found out there were a few early A Panthers that came without the Zimm. Three tone camo might have been applied in the field, so this is sort of a theoretical build more than accuracy. All about the fun, right?

Looking over the parts there was a few issues that were going to need attention. Sink marks in visible areas are fairly minor, but they are there.

The upper hull on this kit was a little warped. Probably from storage.

But with a little surgery, and some crossed fingers, it was worked out.

 New weld seams were added in the proper locations. These were left a little rough since subsequent paint and weathering will fill them in a bit.

Now, the idea of adding weld seams sounded like a fairly straight forward idea upon inception but quickly took on a life of it's own as research continued... There are a lot of weld seams that need to be added.  And some more sink marks under the sponsons to be filled.

 The turret was the next focus for altering. Some texture was added to the mantlet. The rear also recieved a little roughing up on the edges of the side plates, and more weld seams added.

 A little rudimentary scratch- building took place for something to look at under the rear cooling vents. This was kept basic, since not much will be seen.

After contemplating how to add some damage to the rear storage boxes I sort of decided to scratch- build new ones. The kit pieces are just too thick, and probably wouldn't bend the way I wanted. Of course, after completing construction, I didn't really want to bend these up.

 But I did.

That sort of brings this to where it stands for right now.

More additions to come.

Thanks for looking in. Hope you've enjoyed things so far.