Monday, February 7, 2011

Sd. Kfz. 171 Panther

Little bit more headway on this build. Still not a whole bunch, but steadily moving forward. Life is conflicting with the model building a little here of late.
The metal foil stowage boxes are really turning out nicely I think. A pain to build, but well worth the effort as the finished result bends and acts like scale metal should.
A couple more pics. Metal foil box on left, kit supplied part in center, first go at rebuild with plastic sheet on the right.

I've found a couple different types of latches used for the boxes. So these were scratched together following pics as an example.
As application of primer usually does some flaws showed up, which will be fixed. All in all though, I'm pretty happy with the results.

While working the primer some "odd-ball" wheels were given attention. These are supposed to represent wheels that have been salvaged from other Panthers, or supplied as replacements during this Panthers tour of duty. Just for a little more "personality".
The final paint work has been done to the cooling bays. Everything has been kept on the light side, maybe doing this will allow a little more detail to be seen under the grills.

Final prep toward mating the upper and lower hull is almost complete. Once that is done, more welds can be put in place. Then this build can move forward again.
More coming shortly I hope, thanks again for looking in.