Monday, March 7, 2011

The Panther Advances

Some much anticipated bench time was finally scheduled after a fairly hectic week or so at the shop. It's great being busy with paint work this early in the season, but sure does take away from the hobby.
More details added to the Panther build. Starting with the commanders cupola, which received texture and... weld seams. Texture was added using paint in a stippling application to give a cast look.

Then the hull sides. I'd been trying to figure out how to improve these, the way the kit had this area just didn't look right. Then a friend over on Model Armour pointed me in the proper direction with a couple pictures. A couple alterations later and this is the result.
The upper hull ends were sanded flat against the sides, with sanding marks left in to give sort of a "heavier" feel. If that makes any sense? Then the welds were re-done to tie everything together.

Following the sides, there was another issue with the rear storage boxes that had been bothering me. This being what I can only interpret as "hangers" for the boxes themselves. The kit supplied pieces were quite thick and needed improvement. So, using pieces from a PE fret these were built. Kit supplied piece is in the center.

Trouble came when an attempt to dent the new storage box resulted in it coming apart (box on right). These are pretty delicate parts, and I guess I'd forgot that for a moment. It's being reconfigured though, and will once again be part of the build.

And that, for now, is where this build sits. Until more time can be found to add more parts and details.
Thank you again for checking in on the Panther, more later.