Sunday, April 10, 2011

More details on the Panther

Got a few hours on the bench... But didn't get a whole lot accomplished it seems. The tool saddles on the hull sides were the focus since the spare track brackets on the rear are still a WIP. Both of the kit pieces are lacking in detail, requiring another alteration and scratchbuilding session in order to be a bit more, well, more.
The tool saddles, and tools were stripped of their mounts and everything re-built using bits and such from the spares box and some scratchbuilding.

And, some extra building took place around the hull, but mainly it's been removal of parts, cleaning them and prep for assembly.
Not really much of an update again, but I've got a mass of loose parts waiting for final details, then assembly. So once those pesky track hangers are complete, and they are interesting to build, this will move along with a bigger step. Then there's those tracks...

More coming soon, thanks for looking in.


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