Friday, April 15, 2011

Re-works complete

Finally finished up with the parts I figured needed overhauling on this build. The spare track hangers are now on the hull and will allow for retaining pins and chain to be added. It also allowed for a little "bending" to be done on the hangers themselves, to show just a little abuse.

The smaller parts, having been cleaned of molding seams and casting marks started making it onto the hull.

And the travel lock, which was altered a bit for a touch more detail. It still needs something more on it... just haven't figured out what yet.

Two small details on the exhaust pipes were also added, not much to add in sure, but they would have been noticed as missing if I hadn't.

Other small detail parts are being cleaned and altered, but this is finally getting close to final primer. So more to come soon.

Thanks for looking in. Hope you approve of the mods



amd39 said...

Nice detailing Dale.

Slightly Altered said...

Greatly appreciate that Siara, thank you