Friday, April 22, 2011

Panther in Primer

Construction/ mods complete. This build is finally in primer.

There were a couple final mods before the primer coat was applied. Mainly the MG mount on the commanders cupola. The kit piece is really lacking in detail, so everything was removed from it and additions made.

I'm still undecided as to whether the MG mount will be included in the final build. All the hatches will be closed up.

More weld seams were also added. Mainly to the tool saddles, vision periscope guards, and spare track link mounts.

Good to finally see some overall primer though. It sure has taken a while.

Thanks for staying with me on this build, paint coming soon.



Zlikovac said...

I think You need Adlers Nest ANM-35006B metal oxidized MG-34 gun burrel!
Bravo and go ahead!

Ryukaze said...

wow! i love the details on this one! will keep an eye ;)

Slightly Altered said...

Zlikovac, Ryukaze, I really appreciate the comments guys. I'll look into the MG- 34 gun barrel, hadn't thought of that, thanks for the heads up.
Paint coming soon.